Friday, February 27, 2009

ACM - Day 3 Live Update

I wasn't going to do updates today, but I just really saw Phil's white belt for the first time, and it looks terrible.

Leave the fashion endeavors to Poulter and Kim.

Well, I'll be here all afternoon, at least until I need to go in to work.


3:38 White belt sighting number 3? Paul Casey? Well, he's European - he's excused.


3:30 It took an hour, but matches are starting to tighten up. Luke Donald is back to 1DN, and the Phil/Stewie match has closed too, with Stewie only 1UP

Should be a great afternoon of golf.


2:39 Geoff Ogilvy takes the first lead of the day after 4 holes against Camillo. Ernie Els is taking it to Luke Donald, going 3 UP after five holes. Ernie may begin making a believer out of me again. He's making no mistakes


2:37 It looks like Cink has one of those stark white belts on too, but his shirt isn't tucked in so tight that it sticks out like a band of lights in Times Square. Phil, loosen up the shirt a little buddy.


2:35 Is this the new and improved Ian Poulter? It's not his game that needed improvement, but his arrogance.

Now, every professional athlete has a bit of an arrogant attitude - like Bobby Fisher said, you need to have contempt for your opponent.

But to see Poulter with conservative apparel and focusing on golf is actually refreshing. Perhaps we're going to see him ascend to the elite of the golfing world.

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