Monday, February 23, 2009

Northern Trust Open - Review

I was out of town for the weekend, so I'm sorry I didn't get any updates on the board.

Phil got his first win of the year, and the 35th of his career. There's no use trying to compare the win total to Tiger, Vijay, or anyone else - Phil is one of the best to ever hold a golf club, and he should be regarded as such.

The final round did have more drama than I had expected, but he had to live up to his nickname, didn't he?

Everyone and their brothers were probably rooting for Freddy - I know I was. And I would've liked to have seen Steve Striker get on the board early this year.

The week was Phil's, though, and I wonder if he came out so strong in the first round to try and win the event to make a statement for this week's Accenture Match Play. You might think if he wanted to really send a message to Tiger he would've started stronger this year - perhaps he really was having issues with his game, most likely from the swing changes Butch Harmon is trying to implement.

A fine performance from Phil overall, his short game looks VERY good. He looked much more confident with the putter this weekend.

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