Friday, February 20, 2009

Tiger's Back

If you were alive yesterday and happened upon a sports network, television or otherwise, then you're aware that Tiger Woods will be returning to the PGA Tour at next week's Accenture Match Play.

It's big news, but to be without him in the spotlight for just less than a year and have him monopolize media coverage after his announcement yesterday was kind of overwhelming. There is no other bigger story in golf than anything that pertains to Tiger. He is the best the game has seen, and until he retires, and if no one else comes along to challenge him, he will remain the big lead.

I expect him to win next week, and maybe struggle a bit in the next stroke play event he plays, which would most likely be the WBC event at Doral. The fact that the tournament next week is match play must have factored in to his decision making, because he focus on one player every day and try to win consecutive 18-hole matches rather than dive back in to 72 holes of medal play.

He has plenty of time, though, to get his tournament legs in shape for the second week in April at Augusta. Five more majors left to pass Jack. Buckle up.

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